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Catherine Ferrier Smith

Spiritual Life Coach
Psychic and Spiritual Medium
Patriot Prayer Force!
Uniting in Prayer and Healing

WE and Our Country are in God's Hands

Hold and Keep the Line Strong!

Say daily and say often,
"My God Is With Me, My God Is With Me, My God Is With Me"



                                     HOW DO SESSIONS WITH CATHERINE THIS WORK?

"I usually speak to people via text or email explaining a session and how it works as we address individual needs.   Sessions typically last 30 - 40 minutes and 60 - 120 minutes.  I don't lead people on to regular appointments as I don't believe in dependency. I believe in true coaching. If I speak to one client every couple of months, that is a lot. It's more like once or twice a year to every couple of years or more.. for coaching , mediumship and readings. 

Of course, Healing Sessions, such as Reiki, DNA recalibration, Regression, RoHun, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, etc. are  sessions that one can receive with coaching/guidance as often as 1-2 times per weeks for as long a period as needed. 


Usually, if someone if going through a great deal of stress, they receive Healing Sessions for 1-3 weeks. If someone is suffering PTSD, or Grief, Great Change, Disease, etc. Healing Sessions may be required for longer periods of time, to be determined by the individual."


Catherine Ferrier Smith has more than 40 years of experience as a Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic and Spiritual Medium. She studied, practiced, and taught abroad for many years. Her experiences in communicating are boundless in that she has experienced coaching people and families from all walks of life and in a wide variety of situations.


Assisting others in all areas of their lives, including the building of character and learning of etiquette skills is a large part of Catherine’s practice.

Catherine was inspired to travel to Beijing because her father and greatest inspiration, Jack Ferrier, was one of the first Americans to be allowed back into China in the 1970s. An extraordinarily gifted photographer and movie director in the military, Jack was on President Nixon’s and Henry Kissinger’s personal staff.


He is also a Vietnam War Veteran, and prior to being on the presidential staff, he was a top gun for the first Apollo missions to the moon. He never stopped!


After the Nixon administration, Jack continued to direct and produce all kinds of training films for the Navy and taught the Alaska Area Natives how to use closed-circuit TV so they could run it in their own hospitals. 

Catherine learned truths about many men and many cultures through her father. He taught her to hold herself to herself, use her abilities, pay attention, be strong and as fearless as possible, and to persevere.


In fact, because of her strength, she was one of the Americans brought up to stand before the younger Chinese people as a symbol of where they as a people desired to go in the future during the so-called uprising at Tiananmen Square in Beijing.


Having to rely on her interpersonal skills and abilities rather than knowing the Mandarin language, she was able to connect, communicate, and go into and out of a particular situation. She then passes on her methods of character and etiquette to the next generations.


In Beijing, in addition to finely tuning her own character abilities, she worked and trained in the Guang An Men Hospital, Xi Yuan Hospital, and at the China National Research Institute of Sports Science.


She has experience in energy healing with extreme arthritic patients, paraplegics, infants, pregnancy, headaches, PMS, colds, flu, cancer, trauma (PTSD), recovery from and preparation for surgery, broken bones/sprains/strains, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, depression, detoxification, relaxation, stress, constipation, colon hydrotherapy, back walking, and sports injury.


In fact, these studies brought Catherine to author her second book, “Holistic Healing.” Since Catherine is a naturally gifted teacher and “hands-on healer” and was in China, she added training in sports therapy, back walking, bone setting, and massage therapy needles on some of China’s Olympic teams (for fencing, wrestling, swimming, and gymnastics teams). Both traditional or Eastern and Western methods were applied.


While training in hands-on practices, she donated her time teaching Western character/etiquette skills, assisted by a translator, to the doctors and families. She truly got to know and experience on a firsthand level the lifestyle and thought processes, which added dimensions to her life coaching abilities!


In 1997 through 1998, Catherine continued her studies of energy healing (laying on of hands) in Manila and La Union, Philippines at the Philippine Spiritual Help Foundation with Reverend Alex Orbito. She was, in fact, awarded a full scholarship for the following year in the Philippines with the Reverend.


While in the Philippines, Catherine fine-tuned her life coaching and communications abilities. She continued her studies and practice in Europe, Mexico, and Canada as well as here in the United States on both the East and West Coasts. These experiences brought her to author her first book: “Self Life Coaching; 21 Days That Will Transform Your World!”


Catherine currently resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her family and friends and carries on her practice.


Payments accepted via PayPal or Credit Card at the beginning of your session

Areas covered include:

Anything in Life!


PTSD, Death, Trauma, Change 




Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

  • Speak to Loved Ones

  • Past Life Regression

  • Hypnotherapy

  • DNA Recalibration

  • Ho'oponopono

  • Reiki

  • Holistic Facia

  • Essential Oils

  • Qi Gong

  • And soo much more!

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires

Love and Relationships




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

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Sessions completed over phone/internet. Please contact us for any personal queries.


All information and services on this site is intended to be for educational and entertainment use only. None of the information supplied by, Catherine Ferrier Smith or any employees of The Healing Touch, Inc. is for medical or diagnostic use.  The user will use at their own discretion and not hold, Catherine Ferrier Smith or any employees of The Healing Touch, Inc. liable for any occurrence, reasoning's, or use of any and all information provided at any time.


There are no refunds issued for any reason.  If you miss your scheduled appointment time, you will lose your payment because all time is valuable and a space is provided for you at the time of scheduling and payment.

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